Treating Patients with Empathy Amid COVID19 | Christine Von Raesfeld

Christine’s drive to make lives better for patients has been nationally recognized. In 2019, she spoke on stage at the Startup Health Festival as an invited guest of Sanguine Biosciences.

Empowering Chronic Illness Communities, COVID19

Everyone has a complete spectrum of ways that illness can impact their life but continuing to see the good in every day, celebrating the successes whether they are incredibly small or big is incredibly important.

Co-Designing The Future of Healthcare

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Elevating Safety Cultures in Healthcare Systems

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Silos In Clinical Coordination & Its Impact On The Patient Experience

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The Itch to Beat Psoriasis; A Patient Story

There are fewer Asians out there and people who are minorities who are advocating. I go to conferences to advocate–with other advocates or psoriasis conferences and there are few Asians