Health Equity & Patient Voices In Times of Crisis

You matter. I don’t care what socioeconomic community you come from or the color of your skin. Not only do you matter but you deserve to be heard. It’s your voice. It’s your right

Patient advocacy in healthcare settings during COVID19 and beyond

When it comes to medications, a lot of the manufacturers have discounts that they can provide you. Call the billing department. Ask if there is something that you can work out, or are other resources that you can utilize to help pay the bill.

Empowering Chronic Illness Communities, COVID19

Everyone has a complete spectrum of ways that illness can impact their life but continuing to see the good in every day, celebrating the successes whether they are incredibly small or big is incredibly important.

Navigating COVID19 As A Lupus Warrior of 20+ Years

My doctors and I talk a lot when I see them, we have a conversation and, I’m grateful for this. Because, before I went into kidney failure I didn’t have great doctors, they were horrible doctors.

Cystic Fibrosis Patients and COVID-19: Why Social Distancing is Critical

There are roughly 30,000 people living in the United States with Cystic Fibrosis. A Chronic disease caused by CFTR gene mutation. This mutation impacts the way protein is made in the body leading to inefficient salt transport over the cell membrane resulting in the buildup of sticky, thick mucus in different tissues and organs. 

Amplifying the Voice of Chronically ill Patients Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

25 – 30 million people in the United States, 30 million people in the European Union, have been diagnosed with a Rare Disease. During this time we ask that you help patients living with chronic illnesses by adhering to public health officials recommendations.