Patient Data & Diversity | Fred Trotter

For those of us playing a different sport of reforming, changing healthcare, and making sure that we do a better job at taking care of people, those people can be reached with a message of, including researchers.

Health Disparities Amid COVID19 | Tywan Mata, MPA, MSW

Tywan Mata, MPA, MSW is a public administrator with over 15 years of care coordination background

Addressing Womens Health with Tech | Estrella Jaramillo

Maternal mortality rates in the United States is a crisis, the numbers are just not acceptable. With innovation and technology, we can help predict cases in where there is an increased risk of a complication during birth.

Improving Health Outcomes and Patient Experience

Digital health tools are beneficial because they allow the patient for one to see what they have done where their help started, how it has improved, or what things they can do to kind of move in the right direction.

Health-tech: Patient & Physician Experience | Nathan Grunwald, MD

Nathan Grunewald, MD, Chief Innovation Officer. Board Certified Urologist at Sauk Prairie Healthcare Dr. Grunewald is a Board Certified Urologic …

Moving the Needle in Maternal Health Outcomes | Eric Dy, PhD

<br /> Eric Dy, Co-founder & CEO of Bloomlife Bloomlife is a women’s health company solving the most significant yet …