Voicing Your Concerns During Your Maternal Health Journey

Maternal health outcomes in the United States are a significant concern, particularly among black and Hispanic women. To address these issues, patients need to be aware of their options and take proactive steps to prioritize their health.

Lupus and Caregiving

To address health equity in lupus, we need to understand the cause of disparities in the treatment of lupus. The health disparity is the differences in the prevalence, mortality, incidence, and burden of disease that exist among specific demographics and populations.

Rare Diseases And Healthcare Disparities

Health administrators deal with a variety of actual cases of health inequities every day, which have lately been made worse by the intervention of rare diseases. Increasing their knowledge and expertise can assist them in identifying long-term solutions that will help underserved populations, and lower the impacts of health disparities.

Hearing Cancer

The shock of a cancer diagnosis can have a significant impact on your mental health in addition to impacting your physical well-being. That’s why it is important to know what disorders the psyche of a cancer patient undergoes, how the mental state affects treatment, and why cancer patients need psychological help and other socioeconomic support.

Do More than “No Harm”

A 2018 report from USA Today found that the U.S. has among the highest risk to delivering mothers to experience deadly or near-death injuries. Not for unpreventable reasons, but due to skipped safety procedures such as failure to track blood loss.

Tips you can use to stay out of or reduce your medical debt burden

Whipping out your credit card should not be the first instinct when it comes to medical bills. For one, paying with a card exposes you to interest rate issues on the card and can result in a lower credit score if you carry the debt for a long time.