Population Health & COVID19

The way the healthcare system is structured today is, you get paid for delivering a service, which typically has a CPT code for a physician or an NDC code for a drug, or a DRG code for the hospital admission

Patient advocacy in healthcare settings during COVID19 and beyond

When it comes to medications, a lot of the manufacturers have discounts that they can provide you. Call the billing department. Ask if there is something that you can work out, or are other resources that you can utilize to help pay the bill.

Health Information Technology & Patient Participation | David Harlow, JD, MPH

<br /> About the Expert: David Harlow JD MPH, Healthcare Compliance Counsel at Insulet Corporation David Harlow is a seasoned …

Improving Health Outcomes and Patient Experience

Digital health tools are beneficial because they allow the patient for one to see what they have done where their help started, how it has improved, or what things they can do to kind of move in the right direction.

Provider Strategies on Community Partnerships and SDOH

The buzzword of social determinants has demonstrated a shift in health care toward a greater focus on the person outside …

Humanism in Medicine | Sandra O. Gold, Ed.D.

The Gold Standard for Humanism in healthcare <br /> Expert: Sandra Gold, Ed.D. Co-Founder of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation …