Silos In Clinical Coordination & Its Impact On The Patient Experience

&lt;br /&gt;<br /> About the Speaker: Michael Joseph, PMP, is a chronic illness patient from Norther Virginia, currently the founder …

Elevating Interactions in Healthcare, By Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., CPXP

<br /> About the Speaker: Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D. is a passionate champion for positive patient experience, organizational culture & …

A Call for Resources in Rural Communities to Combat Drug Usage, Stigma & Addiction.

<br /> About the Expert: Ashley Elliott is a recovering addict, patient advocate, psychology major, guest speaker at Medicine X and repeated …

Patient Story; Living With Chronic Illnesses & Navigating The Public Health System

Coping with those diseases in the public health care system is difficult because a lot of those diseases have specialists. Those specialists even within the same hospital system as I have, rarely talk to each other.

Patients Have Power!

About 75% of the patients who are living with autoimmune diseases are women. Some studies show that women are unfortunately not always believed by physicians that they are in pain.

Six Hips and Counting; A Patient Story

I love my hospital but it’s not perfect because no system is and I think for patients with chronic illnesses in the biggest places that the health systems fail us is by being so sort of like locked into lab reports and that’s life and die by the lab report.