Covid19 Illuminates Communication Barriers for LEP Patients in the U.S

Unfortunately, when patients and doctors don’t speak the same language, patients face incredible difficulty understanding treatments. This results in more healthcare resources being used than required due to more readmissions, more testing, and more extended periods of hospital stays.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Patients and their understandings of the American Healthcare System

The system has become so complex that it not only defies understanding but leads to analysts themselves becoming ensnared in its web, adopting its “logic” and language as the only way to make sense of at least some of the system’s features

The trauma of being a child caregiver to an LEP patient

The “American Dream” should not be dictated by the burdens of translating for a family or loved one. It is not a responsibility for any child to be in this position, and yet countless children still have the responsibility to be a “good child who is helping out their parents.”