Patient Advocate Dima Hendricks A Sickle Cell Survivor, Shares Her Story with Racial Bias in Medicine

Black Americans are systematically under-treated for pain relative to white Americans and women are less likely to be believed about their pain symptoms in comparison to their male counterparts.

Addressing Womens Health with Tech | Estrella Jaramillo

Maternal mortality rates in the United States is a crisis, the numbers are just not acceptable. With innovation and technology, we can help predict cases in where there is an increased risk of a complication during birth.

Improving Health Outcomes: Health Literacy + Communication | Earnest Simpkins

When it comes to health care outcomes, I can put it into maybe two umbrellas. The first one is internal communication. I think that is extremely important, especially in health care systems, that number one, we make the un-discussable discussable.

Health Information Technology & Patient Participation | David Harlow, JD, MPH

<br /> About the Expert: David Harlow JD MPH, Healthcare Compliance Counsel at Insulet Corporation David Harlow is a seasoned …

Improving Health Outcomes and Patient Experience

Digital health tools are beneficial because they allow the patient for one to see what they have done where their help started, how it has improved, or what things they can do to kind of move in the right direction.

Overcoming Challenges in Healthcare and HealthIT | Dirk Stanley, MD, MPH

<br /> Dirk Stanley, MD, MPH, is a board-certified hospitalist, informaticist, workflow designer, and CMIO  Dr. Stanley is the Chief …