Improving Healthcare for Better Patient Experience

As a patient I want to have access to all the information there is about me, I’ll pick and choose what’s important and what’s not.

Disability Rights & Patient Advocacy: What Government is lacking

 The government can continue to provide better services for transportation for disabled people

Civic Engagements: Thoughts On U.S Healthcare System Vlogs 1-29

Everybody needs healthcare If they do more, treat people like they treat themselves and their family it will be a whole world of difference

Advancing Health Equity In The United States

Health is a fundamental right! We help people regardless of income and race attain their highest level of health

A discussion on healthcare systems and accessible care for patients worldwide 

According to the World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO), a minimum of 1/2 of the world’s populace can not reap critical fitness services. With that quantity growing yearly the price of healthcare is pushing households into poverty due out of the pocket price for healthcare in step with family.