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Charles Barkley is named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, he has followed up his Hall of Fame basketball career with an Emmy Award-winning television run. Barkley has evolved into a pop culture icon who commands a diverse audience that may not always agree with his opinions but respects his ability to tell it like it is. Never one to dodge controversy or consequences, Barkley shoots from the hip and speaks from the heart. Healthcare disparities are no exception. Read Bio here

Charles Barkley on Healthcare Disparities

The SOS Council an initiative backed by the Charles Barkley Foundation and Synsormed aims to address healthcare disparities among communities of color that have been exacerbated by COVID19.

According to one study, Black patients are 22% less likely to receive pain medication than white patients. Based on existing data we know that zip codes impact one’s life expectancy and access to quality care. Our goal is to improve health outcomes while empowering the voices of the underserved.

The SOS Council, alongside Morehouse School of Medicine, the Atlanta Medical Association, Patient Orator, and many others have joined with a common mission to help address the problem of longstanding disparities among Black and Brown communities.

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