Teresa Wright-Johnson Founder of A Heart That MatterS

Teresa Wright-Johnson was born with a heart murmur and an aortic valve defect. She’s endured multiple open-heart surgeries and cardiac procedures. Heart disease has been her lifelong journey. In 2014, she was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Teresa has defied most of the odds thus far and believes she will continue to do so with love, faith, family, friends, proper medical care and a healthy lifestyle. Her journey has led her on a path of self- discovery and emboldened her passion to live a life of service – empowering, encouraging and inspiring others. She is a college-educated, retired parole officer and an avid learner with various training and certificates. Offering a respectable background in criminal justice, social service, advocacy, and social justice. Her life is truly divine by design, She is “A Heart That MatterS”.

Video discussion learning points and timestamp 

  1. Patient advocacy in healthcare 0:37

  2. Chronically ill, lower-income, people of color: Owning the power of your voice in healthcare encounters 3:25

  3. Patient perspective on critical changes needed in healthcare to improve patient experience 5:19

  4. COVID19: Teachable moments in addressing health disparities 9:55

  5. Advice to the chronically ill on managing stressors of COVID-19 14:30

Teresa on owning your voice

“You matter. I don’t care what socioeconomic community you come from or the color of your skin. Not only do you matter but you deserve to be heard. It’s your voice. It’s your right.”

— Teresa Wright-Johnson

Teresa on racial & economic issues in healthcare

“Systemically we still have racial and socioeconomic issues in healthcare. And, it angers me. How do I channel that anger? I become more of a passionate advocate. Diversity and inclusion matter to me. Who is anyone to tell me I don’t have a right to proper care and health equity because of my race, gender, or socioeconomic status?”

— Teresa Wright Johnson