Jangir Sultan, OTR/L, MS AT, LNHA is the founder and CEO of Patient Advocates of NY.

He was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in England. As a child, when Jangir sought more information about his heritage, his father sent him to live with his grandparents in the Himalayas at the age of 10. Once there, he took pride in learning about his cultural heritage but also took a role in helping to care for his grandparents. With this experience, his passion was ignited, and he returned to the United States, determined to pursue a career related to eldercare. Although he has worked in various healthcare settings and in roles such as OT Manager, Regional Director of Rehabilitation, and Director of Specialty Programs, one theme that has remained consistent is his focus on providing his clients with the best care possible. Hence, he created Patient Advocates of New York with the mission of changing healthcare from what it is to what it should be: prioritizing the client and providing him/her with the highest quality care.

Learning points:

  1. Underserved patients 0:41

  2. Why patients fear using their voice in clinical settings 1:27

  3. What to do if you’re in a healthcare setting and afraid of being discharged because of an unstable home situation due to domestic violence, etc. 2:38

  4. How to be an advocate for yourself when encountering healthcare settings 3:41

  5. Advocating for relatives and friends in long term care settings from 4:52

  6. Best practices for being proactive in healthcare settings during the coronavirus pandemic 5:46

  7. Safety precautions for chronically ill patients should be taken to stop the spread of COVID19 6:47

  8. Patient Advocacy through a public policy framework 7:57

  9. Combating financial barriers to access health care services 8:33

  10. How to give back to healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic 10:30

How patients can leverage governmental resources to combat financial stressors related to their healthcare cost. 

“When it comes to medications, a lot of the manufacturers have discounts that they can provide you. Call the billing department and say hey “this is my income it will be difficult for me to pay rent, utilities, and this bill. Ask if there is something that you can work out, or are other resources that you can utilize to help pay the bill”

— Jangir Sultan

Cost burden related to healthcare facilities/organizations:

  1. Have a conversation with them.

  2. If you’re being harassed by hospitals, inform them that you’re intending on taking steps like going to the department of health, department of finances to alleviate the cost burden.

  3. Reach out to government organizations to explain why you can’t pay and the stress it brings you.

Safety precautions you should be aware of during COVID19 to help stop the spread. 

“Wash your hands but also don’t forget to moisturize them if your hands are dry and they’re cracked you’re going to have skin tears and you’re going to increase your risk of having an infection. Moisturize your hands after washing. ”

— Jangir Sultan

“I’m advising my clients to stop wearing their contacts when you’re touching your eyes to put a contact in you’re bringing your hands into your face and you’re increasing your risk of getting some type of infection. Wear glasses instead, it protects your eyes and decreases the risk of infection to the eye. ”

— Jangir Sultan