Estrella Jaramillo 

Cofounder of Bwom & Contributor at Forbes 

Estrella is a women’s health and equity entrepreneur and advocate whose passion is to create a more welcoming work and health system for women though tech solutions and innovative media.

Understanding Femtech & Its Importance 

The term FemTech was coined by Ida Tin to describe the group of startups and companies that were coming into the market to address women’s health concerns and gap. Women were not receiving the right attention or care for through the use of technology and innovation. We have pregnancy monitoring apps, postpartum apps, pelvic floor devices etc,. There are different tracking systems for breast milk, including all sorts of sub services and solutions so that women can get access to care for their female health concerns in a very convenient way.

Bridging the Gap, Improving Women’s Health with Tech 

Maternal mortality rates in the United States is a crisis, the numbers are just not acceptable. I think that with innovation and technology, we can help predict cases in where there is an increased risk of a complication during birth, so that there can be mechanisms in place and the right teams to support that mother. Another one is education. It’s about helping women understand our bodies as it changes. For example, what are the things that we need to think about, what is normal, what isn’t, what symptoms we’re going to have and how we can address them. Having education is important so that we can have informed conversations with providers close the symmetry gap when it comes to healthcare, education and make informed decisions for health.

This interview was recorded at HIMSS conference