Nathan Grunewald, MD, Chief Innovation Officer. Board Certified Urologist at Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Dr. Grunewald is a Board Certified Urologic Surgeon who is passionate about placing the needs of the patient first. It is his belief that when a physician listens to a patient, the patient will tell them everything they need to know to diagnose, treat, and improve their health.

Dr. Nathan Grunwald on HealthIT

I think there are many areas where health-IT has improved things already. We’re seeing more and more access to patient data being shared electronically. We need more of that. I don’t think we’ve solved that one yet, but there’s been some significant progress that has been made. Health-IT comes very helpful for many avenues, both for patients, providers, physicians, and those taking care of them.

Addressing the Challenges in Health-IT

There are some concerns that we’re losing some of that personable interaction with patients between clinicians and the patients themselves. So we work very diligently to make sure that we take heed of that and make sure that we’re not forgetting how important it is to talk to patients, interview them, learn from them and spend less time maybe interacting with the screen per se.

This interview was recorded at HIMSS Conference.