A Dialogue with Nurses on Technology at HIMSS19

“I believe the patient experience is very important especially when it comes to technology. They can be advocates of their health through technology. I think that the mindset of the hospital being the main place is shifting. It’s  opposite now, your consumers are the patients and they should have a say so in how they want their health delivered. ”

— Tobi Taj Nursing Mentor and Podcast Creator/Host

“I think technology helps with nursing to achieve more goals in the continuum of care. In the process of nursing we have a lot of challenges. The technology helps us to achieve our goals. ”

— Faila Pereira, MHT, RN

“ Like someone said at one of the conferences, instead of us trying to get a seat on the board, that should be our table. Why are we trying to get a seat on the board in hospitals when that should be our table and our board. We are the ones that actually care of the patients and do the workflow, the design etc. We’re working with information technology, doctors and nurses, etc. ”

— Danielle Siarri MSN, RN,

“There are some organizations where the multidisciplinary team is what its all about. Everybody on that team is valued equally and it is a collaborative effort with the patient at the center. That’s what it’s all about, that’s why all of us entered healthcare. It was about the patient. ”

— Cathy Turner, BSN, MBA, RN-BC

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