Patient Solution


We connect the dots between your health, your socioeconomic needs, and your healthcare providers

The Patient Orator® app is designed to break down barriers making it difficult to communicate with healthcare providers and improve access to basic health care resources.

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Learn how to get equal medical treatment

Record, track and share your medical issues and social needs

Learn how to communicate your medical symptoms

Get support with managing your health

Connect to resources near where you live

Make care collaboration easy for yourself, a caregiver and your medical team

What Patients and Caregivers Saying

As a type 1 diabetic, this app is a game changer.
— Patient
When I was diagnosed with my health condition in my late twenties a few years ago I was completely at a loss. My doctor said very little to me, the time he spent with me was no more than five minutes as he quickly described my diagnosis, a new chronic condition that required daily meds. I love that this app has everything I need to stay on top of my health including how to talk to my medical team during my appointment to manage my health outside of the doctor’s office.
— Patient
I am a caregiver to a special needs child and an elderly parent with memory loss. On top of which I am managing my own care. With multiple doctors for each member of my family, it is excruciatingly difficult to get answers, to be heard. I would pay 2x the asking price for this app.
— Family Caregiver & Patient


Want to learn more about health inequity?

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Humanizing Health Care is a narrative-driven emotionally paced documentary about healthcare experiences in the United States. The film explores deeply rooted systemic issues across the healthcare ecosystem and the barriers they present to people at each touchpoint in care delivery. The project is produced by Kistein Monkhouse the storyteller innovator that has captured the stories of patients, frontline health care workers, policymakers, and everyday Americans as they navigate the health care system. Dive in and learn about the emergence of institutionalized healthcare delivery in the US and the call to action from Americans to humanize healthcare.

Click here for the trailer. Click here for free access.

Humanizing Health Care

A doucmentary about the American healthcare system told by people like you