Additional Support

Care-team Support

The tool is especially important for medical and non-medical care team members to stay in the know about the health and wellbeing of individuals. Whether you’re a healthcare proxy or an individual that wants to share personal health information with loved ones we help support you through the process:

What you can share

  • Updates about your clinical story and symptoms –create a new clinical story or each time you add a new symptom
  • Updates about your medication journal – each time you add a new medication, or adult a side effect the corrected/full list is provided

What if I change my mind about sharing my health information with a care team member?

Not a problem! Both medication and story features allow you to confirm sharing with those you’ve selected to be in your care team to receive the updates before sending them to them. You are always in control, of who sees what updates. 

You can also remove care team members from the caretaker’s list by deleting their contact

**The caretaker functionality acts as the master key for which you set sharing parameters ahead of time with each of your care team members. By adding a caretaker you are allowing the app to send updates on your personal health information, as you specify. 

When setting up caretaker profiles, double-check their email addresses by verifying verbally, written ahead creating their profile.