Additional Support

Camera & Microphone

The Patient Orator app enables users to use the microphone for voice recording wherever text-box appears and a camera for a photo in clinical stories

Enable your camera & microphone

Tap Settings.
Tap Privacy.
Tap Patient Orator Permissions.
Tap Microphone and camera.
On your iPhone or iPad, tap settings
Go to Patient Orator
When prompted, tap Allow (green) or Block (grey).

Using Microphone

  • Once enabled, open a feature of your choice that requires your text response
  • Click on the type box
  • Select the microphone icon 🎤 on the bottom right of your keyboard
  • Begin speaking your responses

Using Camera

  • Once enabled, use when creating a clinical story
  • Add photos from your photo album, take new photos, as many or as little as needed for you to remember the issue