The new way to improve outcomes, decrease appointment no show, improve patient engagement, health literacy, and adherence to medication. A care team dashboard designed by clinicians to provide critical information on the individual patient and general population served., the Clinical Dashboard (“CD”) – designed to seemingly integrate into your workflow

Medical and Social Health Screening


General Practitioner and Care Team – Improved understanding of why patients are presenting for care and their most recent concerns will improve clinical workflows and allow for more constructive time with the patients.


Care Coordination

Provides timely and critical medical, sociological, and behavioral information on a patient and population level to the entire care team from Care Coordinators to Physicians. The CD is designed by the clinical team for their specific purpose and for the specific role of each member of the team.


Appointment Management

Patients will have a single appointment management system for all health-related appointments regardless of the health system or EMR. Appointment management and reminders will improve the show rate.


Medication Adherence

Clinical teams will have insight into medication adherence and medication reconciliation for each individual patient.


SDOH Tracking

Through the CD, clinical teams will be able to identify individual and population-level needs for various SDOH issues and allow for population-level interventions and more precise resource allocations.


Primary Care Physician

Our patients are mainly underserved people and I would highly recommend this app. I love the educational component of it and how it teaches patients how to tell their stories.

Registered Nurse

I can see this playing a big role in the patient experience. Many of our patients have difficulties remembering or clearly describing their medical concerns. What this would do is help to decrease the intake time and provide a more positive experience for the patient.

Case Worker

This is brilliant! My clients need this. I especially appreciate the fact that my clients would be able to find food pantries and other resources nearby.

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