Getting Started

Step 1: Download Patient Orator

You can download Patient Orator from the Apple and Andriod stores. Requires i0s 10.2 or later. Compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Andriod Requirements version xyz or higher.

  1. Once downloademplate-parts/contente profile, you will begin your Onboarding, with quick information to show you core application features. 
  2. Read carefully Slide and Begin using.

Step 2: Adding Emergency Contact & Caretakers

To help you manage your health, we’ve built-in functionality for you to share your health concerns with your care team. By adding care team members you are authorizing the Patient Orator to disclose PHI you select

  1. Navigate to the main menu, select caretakers tab
  2. Add care-team members providing requested information
  3. Set security parameters by selecting sharing settings, choosing the information you want to share with the individual
  4. Add caretake to complete adding the caretaker
  5. Caretakers will begin receiving updates from your Patient Orator account in accordance to the settings you’ve selected

Step 3: Clinical Stories & Symptoms Updates

We’ve made it easy for you to doucment your health concerns as they occur, it takes less than five minues to pain a full picture of your symptom story

  1. Begin by locating the Record Clinical Story tab on the home page
  2. Follow the prompts, completing each sentence
  3. Add supporting details
  4. Confirm sharing with respective caretaker
  5. Complete clinical story
  6. To edit, review or visit recorded clinical story, main menu, Clinical Stories
  7. To access recently completed stories visit the home page