About Us

We power meaningful patient-clinician communication.

Patient Orator’s mission is to improve health outcomes by providing culturally competent communication tools to patients and providers at their fingertips regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, or insurance status. The platform emphasizes preventative medicine, and shared decision-making, providing a model of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the achievement of improving healthcare quality, efficiency, meaning in work, and outcomes.


A wholistic view of healthcare

Enabling better access to high-quality healthcare

Reducing health disparities and health inequities

Making conversations in healthcare easier for all

Making conversations in healthcare easier for all

Making conversations in healthcare easier for all

Improving health outcomes

Founded for storytelling

Our Roots Originally founded to amplify voices in healthcare to create dialogue, and bring awareness to health inequity and poor patient experience. We’ve since evolved to empower patients and their care teams with communication tools to improve care quality and access.

Vision To be the solution to a critical patient-centered care hurdle: poor communication. Open and honest communication between patients and their care teams is the key to improving quality of life at an individual and population health level.

Our Professional Team


Michael joined Patient Orator in 2021 as an Advisor and Chief Financial Officer. With over 20 years of experience, he has worked for or on behalf of health care organizations in various capacities, including CFO, CIO, Physician Compensation Development, etc.

Michael Brandsdorfer

Business Development Executive


Patient Orator is spearheaded by Kistein Monkhouse, a widely known patient activist, storyteller, and health equity advocate who was named among one of 50 women building equity worldwide by Vital Voices 2021. She also serves on the board of various organizations.

Kistein Monkhouse

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Carl began working with Patient Orator in 2021 at its technical lead, in the capacity of Chief Technology Advisor. He has over 10 years of experience working with the electronic medical record at Cerner and various healthcare organizations at they implement health tech

Carl Osborne

Chief Technical Advisor